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NoMachine NX#

NoMachine/NX is a remote desktop solution that allows graphical access to our dialog server It works over relatively slow connections and allows for detaching/reattaching of sessions. On your $HOME, $HPCVAULT, and $WORK file systems are mounted. The machine also provides a Linux desktop with common applications installed, like browsers, mail clients, or PDF readers.

Do not run heavy applications on as it is shared among users.

Try to avoid running applications that perform heavy calculations or require a lot of memory on This will not only Because this system is shared by many users, it should be

Installation and configuration#

For using NoMachine you have to install the client on your system and configure it accordingly:

  1. Download and install the NoMachine Enterprise Client, available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

  2. Test if you can connect via SSH to If not done, configure your SSH client accordingly. For testing run:


  3. For configuration either

    • use our configuration file and open it inside the client,
    • manually specify settings (we assume you use SSH keys):
      • protocol: SSH
      • host:
      • port: 22
  4. Select a desktop environment.

    • We recommend XFCE or Trinity (KDE3) as other environments like Gnome or KDE4/Plasma require 3D acceleration that the remote session cannot offer, leading to several issues and instability.

    • To use for example Trinity (KDE3) select Create a new custom session and use the following settings:

      • Run the following command: starttde
      • Run the command in a virtual desktop.

Debugging connection issues#

Ensure you have configured SSH access and you can connect via SSH to, e.g. test by executing:

ssh -vv
If that fails, send us the verbose output to