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Applying for a BayernKI project#

BayernKI will provide HPC-/AI-resources for researchers from Bavarian Universities and Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences. NHR@FAU and LRZ in Garching will host the hardware and offer training, support and services.

Please note that the resources currently available for BayernKI projects are limited. A considerable extension of these resources will be installed in late 2024. Until then, the BayernKI resource access is under a test status.

Information about the systems from LRZ are available in LRZ's documentation.

Available compute resources#

Resources currently available for BayernKI projects at NHR@FAU:

  • Small parts (as of mid-2024) of GPU cluster Alex:
    • Nvidia A100 GPGPUs (with 40 or 80 GB RAM)
    • Nvidia A40 GPGPUs (with 48 GB RAM)
  • Small parts (as of mid-2024) of CPU cluster Fritz:
    • Intel "Ice Lake" processors (2 x 36 cores) with 256 GB RAM
    • Intel "Sapphire Rapids" processors (2 x 52 cores) with 1 or 2 TB RAM
  • upcoming: NVIDIA H100 94 GB HBM2e and AMD Turin

How to apply for a BayernKI project#

Please fill out the Application form for BayernKI access at NHR@FAU. The brief project description might be published on the NHR@FAU website.


Please acknowledge resources and the support provided by NHR@FAU, see Acknowledging resource usage for the exact wording.

Please also send electronic copies of these publications by email to Proper acknowledgments of our services is important for our center's evaluation and its future funding.