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HPC clusters#

Cluster name # nodes target applications access specifics
Alex 82 high-end GPGPU NHR, Tier3 after application 304 Nvidia A100 (40/80GB), 352 Nvidia A40
Fritz 992 massively parallel, large memory NHR, Tier3 after application parallel filesystem, 64 huge-memory nodes (1TB, 2TB RAM)
TinyGPU 35 GPU Tier3 Nvidia A100, Nvidia RTX3080, Nvidia RTX2080 Ti, Nvidia V100
TinyFat 47 large memory Tier3 256 - 512 GB RAM
Woody 288 serial throughput Tier3 CPUs with high clock speed
Testcluster ~20 evaluation of new microarchitectures request access via current Intel/AMD CPUs, AMD/Nvidia GPGPUs, accelerators, early-access prototypes


Tier3 systems/parts are financed by FAU or as DFG Forschungsgroßgerät while NHR systems/parts are funded by federal and state authorities (BMBF and Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts), respectively.