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Access to our systems is also possible via JupyterHub. Logging in to our JupyterHub instances depends on your HPC account type.

See Python for our Python/Anaconda modules and Python virtual environments on how to create, manage, and use Python environments also with Jupyter Notebook/JupyterHub.

For Tier3 HPC accounts, it is also possible to use Matlab, R-Studio and Whisper via JupyterHub.

JupyterHub for NHR project accounts#

  • login via HPC Portal, see below for the procedure
  • globally accessible
  • available resources:
    • 2 cores/4GB on a shared node,
    • one A40 or A100 GPU in Alex,
    • one node of Fritz

JupyterHub for Tier3 HPC accounts#

  • for HPC Portal accounts: login via HPC Portal, see below for the procedure
  • for non-HPC Portal accounts: login at JupyterHub with your HPC username and password
  • only accessible inside the FAU network or via VPN
  • available resources:
    • 2 cores/4GB on a shared node
    • 1 – 4 dedicated GTX1080Ti GPUs
    • 1 – 4 cores and 8 – 32 GB on TinyFat

Log in to JupyterHub via HPC Portal#

This is only possible if your HPC account is an HPC portal account.

  1. Login at the HPC Portal.
  2. Go to the User page.
  3. Under Your accounts, select the Account you want to use for JupyterHub. You might have more than one account.
  4. Click on the button Go to JupyterHub.
  5. A new window opens where you have to accept our Terms of Service and then get redirected to the actual JupyterHub.

JupyterHub of CDI#

The FAU Competence Center for Research Data and Information (CDI) operates another JupyterHub instance, accessible with your FAU IdM account.

This instance should be well suited for FAU's teaching purposes. For details contact